Opove G3 Pro Massage Gun Introduction

By a respectable website OPOVE G3 Pro Massage gun was rated as one of the top deep massage guns in 2020. There are good reasons for the website to make this gun one of their top choices for 2020:

Three Speeds

This dynamic deep muscle massage gun has three convenient speeds that the customer may choose from. It has three speeds for various intensities of muscle massage you may need. The highest level will deliver 3200—yes 3200—percussions per minute to pulsate to the deepest levels of your muscle tissue.

Four Heads

This 2.2 lb. powerhouse gives you the choice of four different head attachments to choose from. Each head will target different parts of the body. Take the forked head for example, it will target your back muscles but will avoid your spine. How is that for precision?

Conclusion: Now, you know why OPOVE G3 Pro is one of the top massage guns for 2020.