Do therapeutic massage gun really Work?

Do therapeutic massage gun really relieve muscle pain as they are supposed to? Do people who are troubled by intense muscle cramping really find relief from using a massage gun? Lets’ find out.

Percussive massage guns are simply handheld devices that send pulses beyond the surface of the skin deep into the muscle tissues to relieve pain and work knots out of the muscles. Over the last few years, more experts are saying that percussive massage guns really do work. These experts include doctors, professional athletic trainers, and other health experts. There is also research continually being conducted to support the benefits and effectiveness of using a massage gun. One such study was conducted by the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research.

The massage gun will also deliver vibrations deep into the muscle tissues to relieve soreness, break up the tension, and improve blood flow through the muscles. This is known as vibration therapy and even though they sound like power tools they really do work. They can help with post-workout recoveries and help the muscles to heal quicker than normal.

These guns look like power drills at first glance but they really have therapeutic value and they have become very popular muscle recovery tools in the last few years. Athletes have made them common tools by using them publicly this really helping to boost the sales and reputation of massage guns. Some of the more popular brands will run over $600.00 dollars so are they really worth the expense?

How they Work

The massage gun is designed to send oscillating waves or pulses through the skin into the deep recesses of the muscle tissue; this is caused by the head of the gun digging into the skin and oscillating back and forth. The gun will not send steady long pulses into the skin but short bursts of pulsing waves into the skin.

Unlike traditional masseurs and masseuses who flip their wrists back and forth to accomplish this same effect into muscle groups. These experts can only target general areas in the muscle groups. Conversely, the massage gun will aim and target a very specific area of a muscle group. This is why massage guns are so effective in relieving various muscle issues.

Another advantage of the massage gun is that you can use it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You pay continually to secure the services of a massage professional. You also have to go to their place of employment to have the massage done. You pay once for the therapeutic massage gun and that is it.It will pay itself off in the long run.

Are there Affordable Massage Guns

There are massage guns ranging from $249.00 to $499.00 and some sell for $599. 00. So, you can buy a basic massage gun for a cool $249.00 dollars.

Conclusion: Finally, massage guns are increasing in popularity and they are replacing the more traditional massage therapy. Scientific studies are increasingly verifying that massage guns really to benefit in relieving muscle-related issues. They are here to stay.