Trigger Points Disappear as If by Magic

Before I started using the Opove M3 Pro, I really didn’t like massage guns or tools at all. I got used to deep body work back in the 1990s when I found out it was a key to my emotional healing of traumas and even just the day-to-day buildup of bad emotions we all seem to pick up. 

Why I Didn’t Like Massage Tools Before

The massage tools on the market seemed to do a poor job and never were better than a really strong male masseuse who enjoyed doing deep body work, never getting deep enough, or if they did get into the tissue somewhat close to the deeper areas, they would leave bruising and the feeling that I – or my clients – had been ‘beat up’. It would take three or four days to heal from using the old massage tools. Needless to say, the massage tools I had have stayed in the closet for a long time collecting dust.


The Energy The Massage Gun Released Was Awesome

This year a few months ago I was introduced to the Gun and everything changed. The first thing I noticed was its construction. You can tell it’s a solid piece of equipment that is well made when you see it and then start using it.  It’s quieter than my electric toothbrush, and has three speeds. My other massage tools only had two speeds so this was already an upgrade. After scanning the directions, I quickly found that for me personally, I needed the trigger point and deep muscle head attachments and most likely the 2400 rpm speed (the second speed). 

The first day I used the massage gun was a day when my legs felt heavy and congested. Literally within two minutes, the heaviness was gone and my legs were alive again. I felt so energized that I was able to take my overexuberant athletic dog for a long walk that night. It was truly amazing and I thought to myself what a gift this device really was to bodyworkers, chiropractors like myself (I’m retired but still see clients for nutrition), and even those interested in having the necessary tools in their own homes to fully recover and take care of one’s own health. 

The next day I realized that the heaviness in my legs was what had been making me want to stay in bed every morning. The heaviness was gone and I popped out of bed as if I had the most important mission on earth. The energy it had released the day before was still at a high level even though I had slept better than night after the short “massage”. 

Even My Friends Were Amazed 

That day I called two friends and they came over to test out the Massage Gun as well. One of them, about 55 years old, had back pain and could not walk at a normal pace and walked like an 80-year-old man. I took out the massage gun and used the highest speed of 3200 rpm with a few different attachments. His body build is stocky and muscular. Within three minutes, he said the pain was completely relieved – and then ordered one. In his job cutting down trees, he’s extremely physically active and always has back pain, but not anymore. He’s been using his device as often as needed and is pain-free on the job and at home. 

The other friend works out a lot and is within her ideal body weight. She’s leaner and around 5’6” but gets lactic acid buildup in her muscles from working out that stays around far too long. She also has multiple sclerosis, and gets stiff muscles. I used the gun on her neck, back and legs and she enjoyed it the most on her neck. She gets trigger points along the levator scapulae and latissimus dorsi muscles but they were literally gone in very little time at all. I used the 1800 rpm setting, which she found useful along with the 2400 rpm with the prong attachment. Again, the beauty of this device is that it doesn’t have to be used for even 20 minutes. It’s so effective that 3-5 minutes on a body part is all that’s needed. 

I’ve continued using it on myself and at the slightest mention of someone in pain that I feel it may help, I’m offering it to them. One elder woman had rotator cuff surgery and was immobilized for 10 days. No doubt the lack of circulation to the area contributed to her pain, which was relieved by the massage gun tool. Her pain level went down to a 2 after the session.

Tomorrow I’ll be using it with an older gentleman who also has had rotator cuff surgery and has been immobilized for several months. For some reason his medical team didn’t prescribe the rehab he needed. With that amount of immobilization, he will benefit greatly from the return of circulation to his shoulder. I expect he will be out of pain for several hours at a time until we get the repeated circulation to the area.


There are many more situations I could write about, and with each one of them, I’d tell you the same thing: this Massage gun is the most popular massage gun on the market now because it works! Nothing comes close to it. 

Its design is ergonomically perfect, it’s lightweight and causes no distress on part of the user, and quickly improves circulation, eliminates trigger points and lactic acid accumulation, and doesn’t heat up while it’s being used. The battery holds its charge for 3 hours and even if it’s dropped, the gun won’t be damaged. It’s an investment that I am glad I made, and it is a device that can bring greater levels of healing in shorter periods of time to anyone who is a bodyworker. I highly recommend the this massage gun to be a tool for all medical and alternative health therapists.

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Retired Chiropractic Physician, M.S. and B.S. Nutrition, Master’s in Herbology