How to get rid of muscle knots and Soreness with Opove?

Muscle knots are every athlete's nightmares. But they are not just limited to athletes. Anyone who undergoes frequent muscle exercise can experience this very painful muscle pain. Muscle knots are caused when sensitive muscles tighten and contract, forming a hard and very painful knot.

The dull and aching pain in the muscle that you start to feel just hours after you finish your exercise is muscle soreness. This pain is caused by the muscles strained during your exercise trying to repair or heal themselves.

Both muscle knots and muscle soreness can be inevitable, considering you have to exercise every day. But with the invention of the best structurally balanced and the most ergonomic massage gun in Opove, you do not have to live in pain anymore. Opove is a 14.5mm deep hand massage gun designed to reduce the amount of labor energy you put into your body massage. It is quiet and durable with long-lasting batteries. Opove is beautifully built to have a unique appearance and return high-efficiency massage and relaxation.

Here, we want to show you how to use the new Opove Massage gun to get rid of muscle knots and significantly reduce the pain of muscle soreness.

How To Get Rid Of Muscle Knot With Opove

1. Depending on the location of the muscle knots and how sensitive and tender the body part is, choose the kind of attachment that best works for you. You have an array of about five different attachments to choose from. But then, your choice should be based on the criteria mentioned above. It is recommended to initiate the resolution of muscle knots with either the Ball attachments or the Cone attachments if they can be used on the body parts where the knot is located.

2. After you have chosen the attachment that works for you and have fixed it on your muscle massage gun, you can switch on your massage gun and start the frequency from the slowest for muscle relaxation. You do not want to stress the muscle further.

3. It is important to start the massage around the affected area. Do not start massaging the muscle knot first; make sure you use your Opove massage gun from around the muscle knot and gently work your way up to the knot. Also, it is important not to add physical pressure. Your Opove is designed to exert all the pressure needed to help loosen the muscle knot.

4. When you start feeling the pressure being relieved in the muscle knot, you know Opove has done its job. Now, it is important to relax the muscles and let your body complete the healing process that the best massage gun has initiated.

How To Get Rid Of Muscle Soreness With Opove

1. Just like treating a muscle knot, the first step is choosing the attachments that best work to get rid of muscle soreness. And the first thing to consider is the location where you are experiencing the soreness. The location is of the utmost importance for safe and effective treatment. Another thing to consider is that muscle soreness is caused because the body is trying to heal itself. So the attachment you choose must be major to relax the muscles to facilitate the healing process.

2. After choosing the Opove attachment that best fulfills the task ahead, it is vital to remember that this process aims to ease the tension in the muscles to make them heal faster and reduce the amount of pain you are feeling. To achieve these, set your Opove massage gun to a relatively slow frequency to achieve a gentle and soothing massage.

3. Carefully move your Opove muscle massage gun across the affected area in a repeated to and fro movement. This movement aims to increase blood flow to the affected area, increasing the amount of oxygen supplied to the area and efficiently aiding the healing process. Once the healing process has been accelerated, you will begin to feel relief. For maximum efficiency, the duration of this massage should be a little more than the treatment of muscle knots.

4. It is important to rest the affected muscle after this treatment. Do not take on any challenge that will put pressure on the newly treated muscle. Rest is important at thispoint.

Final Thoughts

The Opove massage gun was designed to help improve the treatment of body aches, muscle tension, and pains. Opove labor-saving engineering massage gun was built to increase the flow of blood, get rid of muscle knots, soothe muscle soreness, ease muscle tightening, and help repair muscles. Owning an Opove massage gun will be a wise investment for the well-being of your body.

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