How to release stress with Opove?

Are you looking to unwind physically and psychologically? While the causes and levels of stress change from one individual to the other, the bottom line is that stress is not good for your body. Opove’s massage guns are your ideal solution to relaxation. Our products are specially engineered to help save your body from the mental and physical effects of stress such as emotional drain, headaches, insomnia, migraines, body aches, increased fatigue, etc. Opove is a leader in the recovery and movement enhancement technology industry. Our massage guns use percussion deep tissue therapy to help you relax your mind, lighten your soul, leaving your body sharper and healthier.

What is Percussion Deep Tissue Therapy?

Percussion deep tissue therapy is a rhythmic massage technique that focuses on deep tissue relaxation through massage. It is one of the best ways to relieve stress by applying physical intervention through massage therapy. Percussive therapy devices, such as massage guns, work by striking your soft tissue through rapid motions of up to 45 percussions per second. These motions help the massage gun to override the pain signals your body is sending to the brain. It increases heat in the tissues and releases tension allowing the body to relax. Percussion therapy helps get more blood circulating in your muscles which relieves post-workout soreness, chronic pain and speeds up muscle recovery.

Ways to Relieve Stress Using an Opove Massage Guns?

Percussive deep tissue therapy uses massage guns to improve blood circulation by reducing muscle tension. Regular percussive therapy loosens up fascia located deep in the soft tissue and alleviates pain and soreness in the body.

Massage guns like the Opove Apex are effective self-administering percussive therapy tools. By choosing your own speed and pressure settings, you get the treatment you need at a level that your muscles can handle.


Here are ways through which massage guns relieve stress:

1.Ease neck and shoulder muscle tension

Muscle tension and pain, especially in the muscles of the neck and shoulders, can lead to stress. Muscle tension also leads to discomfort, restlessness, and anxiety. These conditions negatively impact an individual’s mood and behavior when not managed correctly.

A massage gun will help you reduce tension in muscles, thus helping you relieve stress. Using a massage gun on the problem areas from up to two minutes before bed helps in downregulating the nervous system. Relaxing the muscles to release the built-up tension and fluid deep in muscles enables you to feel calm and relaxed, reducing your stress levels.

2.Balance your mood and body energy

Like many other massage therapy methods, self-massage is more than just relieving pain. Deep tissue massage therapy has many holistic benefits, such as muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation, and stress relief.

Massage guns, like the Opove Apex, help you release tension from your body. Deep tissues therapy sessions will help you even out your body’s energy levels allowing you to feel more relaxed. Mood balance is achieved by lowering a stress hormone known as cortisol and increasing the production of “happy hormones,” such as dopamine and serotonin.

Therefore, by releasing physical muscle tension in your body, massage gun therapy can help achieve a more positive mental state with less stress. Experts recommend a 1-hour massage for a significant increase in the production of mood-balancing hormones. However, even the short time taken to address problem areas on your body using a massage gun will make a difference to your mental stress levels.

3.Reduced fatigue, which improves sleep

Massage therapy helps in faster muscle recovery, improved sleep and immunity, less anxiety, and better overall wellness. By releasing fluid deep in the muscles, massage guns help boost tissue metabolism. Higher metabolism increases blood and lymphatic circulation. As a result, more oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles increasing energy levels.

You are more likely to feel energized by having less pain and stress in your body. Massage guns not only release lactic acid build-up but also breaks up scar tissue through massaging of collagen fibers to relieve fatigue. By stimulating nerve receptors, massage guns help improve mobility and the production of serotonin and dopamine, which reduces fatigue. Reduced fatigue levels and stress mean more relaxation and a better night’s sleep. A relaxed person is less likely to struggle with insomnia and restlessness.

4.Take care of all problem areas

Pain is one of the causes of stress. Massage guns will help you reduce your stress levels by eliminating muscle pain. Commonly used to address common stress areas, including the neck, shoulders, and back, massage guns are a useful tool for providing relief to problem parts of the body that are tight, knotted, or in pain. The best way to reduce stress is to address your pain areas before they become a problem. Using the Opove message gun on muscles such as your calves, triceps, quads, and any other group of tight muscles will help you alleviate the pain, recover faster and stay stress-free! 

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