The problem of muscle breakdown caused by excessive exercise and too much stress on the muscles gave rise to the invention of percussive therapy like massage and mechanical stimulation as an effective remedy.  

Since the advent of percussive therapy devices and mechanical stimulation like massage guns, there have been numerous products on the market, with each claiming their massage gun is the best percussive therapy device in the world.

Here, we examine what makes Opove massage guns stand out among the other devices on the market, especially Opove Apex.

1. Percussive Therapy

Due to limited research or a limited amount of technical knowledge, a lot of companies produce massage guns that supply massages that can be categorized as vibration massage instead of percussive massage therapy. That is not the case with Opove Apex massage guns. Here our massage guns are engineered to deliver a perfect high-efficiency percussive therapy in the proper dosage for your body.

2. Deep Pain Relief

The Opove Apex massage guns deliver up to 14.5 millimeters of amplitude and also deliver up to 50 lbs of stall force to provide intentional relief in deep muscle pains usually felt from unrestrained exercising or intense training sections. This is unlike other massage guns, which only help relieve surface stress by contracting and releasing muscles. Those massage gun products are not capable of delivering deep muscle pain relief. Instead, they contract and release the surface of the muscles.

3. Engineered Build and Design

The Opove massage guns are custom-built with sleek designs. The Opove Apex is built to have a 45-degree angular shape to increase further the output felt and simultaneously reduce the unnecessary need to bend your wrist and hand. All the Opove massage guns are built with ergonomic grips to avoid straining your wrist and increase the ease of handling the massage gun better. All these excellent and necessary features are absent in a lot of massage guns on the market today.

4. Noise and Durability

Some of the most common features of the Opove massage guns are their noiselessness and their high durability. Many muscle massage gun products claim to produce a silent percussive therapy device. However, when these devices are compared with Opove Apex massage guns, they are a little noisier. The materials used to build the Opove Apex massage guns also allow them to possess very high durability and withstand a significant amount of shock without any alterations to the massage guns' integrity.

5. Attachments and Battery Life

The Opove Apex massage guns are packed with numerous attachments that come in different shapes and sizes. They are intentionally added to give you so many pressure ranges when it comes to massaging different parts of your body. The Opove Apex massage guns also have a long-lasting battery life to deliver an effective and satisfying massage when required. A lot of other massage guns are either packed with no attachments at all or just a pair of the same kind.

6. Portability and Ease of Use

The Opove Apex massage guns come packed with a protective case (among other things) that also serves as a portable carry case. This case allows you to neatly organize your Opove Apex with some of its accessories like the battery charger and some attachments. The protective and carrying case makes it possible to carry your Opove Apex massage gun with you, either on a business trip or a vacation or to your workplace or the gym on a regular basis.

Opove Apex also comes packed with a detailed product manual that guides Opove massage gun users. This product manual has been simplified in a way that makes it very easy to read and understand for users. It also contains a lot of instructions about how to effectively get the best from your Opove massage gun as well as how to fix minor problems encountered with the device.

7. Affordability

Often, a high-priced commodity does not necessarily guarantee a high-quality delivery, and a low-cost commodity does not always mean low quality in return. The prices of the Opove massage guns are in firm support of this theory because considering the quality of services they deliver, their prices are relatively low. The Opove Apex costs $159, which is a fantastic offer considering the quality of percussive therapy this device gives.

Final Thoughts

Percussive therapy devices are very effective, and their numerous benefits cannot be underestimated. However, choosing one can become a challenge in a market that accommodates numerous massage guns. This is why we have created this informative article to show you that Opove massage guns are the best massage guns for percussive therapy. What are you waiting for?


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