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OPOVE massage gun helps you relax your muscles healthily

Summer is here. It is a good time for people to show off the fitness of their bodies. Mobile phones are crawling with various fitness videos from the internet incidentally. Every time when I am sweating profusely after a workout, and I need to hammer my muscles or carefully roll the foam roller, at this time, I feel indescribably irritable. As a perfect substitute for the foam roller, the massage gun has always been on my wish list. When I saw the OPOVE M3 Pro massage gun launching a review program, I immediately applied.

(This review contains the before and after comparison of my calf muscles on the first day and the eighth day of using the massage gun. I hope you will not dislike my stout calf so much. 🙏)


I received the package on the third day after confirming the application. The packaging was intact. The OPOVE product box was wrapped in plastic foil. It has some weight, but it is not very heavy. As soon as I got home, I ripped apart the plastic foil and opened the box. I thought I would see the massage gun directly when I opened the box. However, I did not expect the box to be a small thick leather box. It was so surprising.

Although I found out that all major massage guns are equipped with carrying boxes, I was surprised to see that this small box is just like the others.

The device and accessories inside the box are all placed properly. The small box contains a massage gun, a matching charging plug, four massage heads, and two booklets. The massage gun is not heavy; it weighs about 2.2 lbs. (less than 1kg), and I can also control it with one hand as a girl. 

Many of those who buy the massage gun are not professional athletes and do not have a deep understanding of muscle divisions, etc., OPOVE attached a detailed muscle distribution map very intimately, and also marked the corresponding parts. So you can relax accordingly.

The OPOVE massage gun has a long battery life, and the official data is that it lasts for more than three hours before recharge. According to my records, a complete massage takes about ten minutes. The battery can be used about 18-20 times. The total time is about 180-200 minutes. So the official data is very reliable. OPOVE’s vibration frequency has three gears to choose from, 40Hz (1800 RPM/Min), 50Hz (2400 RPM/Min), and 60Hz (3200 RPM/Min). I generally use 50Hz to massage my legs and 40Hz to massage my neck and shoulders when I don't exercise vigorously. If I've just finished exercising, I will use 60Hz for my legs. You can adjust it according to your needs.

Four massage heads

No.1 Fork Head. Fork massage head is suitable for the neck, spine, and Achilles (the soleus and gastrocnemius tendons of the calf).

No.2 Ball Head. Ball massage head is suitable for large muscle groups, such as the waist, back, buttocks (hip), thigh, and calves (lower leg).

No.3 Flat Head. Flat massage head is used for more extensive muscle relaxation and muscle shaping. The official website does not give a specific applicable part.

No.4 Bullet Head. Bullet massage head is used to relax deep muscle tissues. It is suitable for small muscles and can relax small muscles accurately.

The four massage heads have their advantages and disadvantages. Then I will talk about my experience of using the four massage heads.

No. 1 Fork massage head

Because I have some developed Achilles tendon muscles and have mild frozen shoulders, this head that can massage the shoulders and neck, as well as the Achilles tendon, so it is the first one I tried. When pressing the calf, the two ends of the fork head are relatively small, the muscles of the Achilles tendon can feel a constant hit. After using it, the Achilles tendon is much relaxed than other muscles in the calf.

But when used on the neck, the fork massage head is not as comfortable as the Achilles tendon. Because the fork head has two heads, it is easy to accidentally press onto the bones of the neck when massaging the neck by yourself. And because the vibration frequency is relatively high, I feel dizzy when I press it. But if someone else can help with the operation, the effect of fork massage on the shoulder and neck should be better. In addition to the shoulders, neck, and Achilles tendon, I found that the fork arm is also very effective. If you have tennis elbow, you can try to use the fork press.

No. 2 ball massage head & No. 3 flat massage head

I put the No. 2 ball massage head and the No. 3 flat massage head together because these two massage heads are both suitable for massaging large muscles, and have the same effect. The outermost layer of No. 2 head is a thick sponge wrap, while No. 3 head is bare and has nothing.

I like flat head when massaging the muscles of the legs. Because No. 3 flat head sticks to the skin with a larger stress surface with more even force. The shock is intuitively applied to the large muscles. It gives some sweet pain. For me who likes heavy hits, in the case of flat, although you can press big muscles, it feels like a fist hitting the cotton, which is not very exciting.

However, if you need to massage your back or waist, which is more prone to injury, or if you are more afraid of pain or have been injured, the No. 2 ball head is the best choice. It can massage large muscles but not with excessive force.

No. 4 Bullet massage head

In the earlier introduction of the fork head, I mentioned that the fork head is easier to press the bones when pressing the shoulder and neck, but this problem does not exist when pressing the shoulder and neck with the bullet head. Personally, a bullet head is the best accessory for shoulder and neck pressing. The area of ​​the force point is small, and each hit hits the muscles that need to be relaxed. For people like me who need to press their shoulders by themselves, the operation is very convenient when using bullet massage. They can relax their shoulders by themselves. Also, you won't accidentally hurt yourself. Every time I press the shoulders and necks, there is a feeling that my shoulders have wings, and I can take off at any time.

In addition to the shoulders and necks, I sometimes use the bullet head to press some acupuncture points, such as gallbladder, zusanli, or sanyinjiao, to detoxify. Of course, in the summer, when you want to wear a small sling, you can also use the precision massage head to massage the auxiliary breasts. (I have tried to massage the acupoints around the chest with a bullet head, but because the frequency was too strong. For a minute, I had the feeling of vomiting blood. I pressed for 2 seconds and immediately give up on big boobs forever).

Usage tips. Before the massage, you can apply some body milk to reduce skin friction, but because the outer layer of the ball head is a sponge, you should wash it after use, or skip body milk otherwise the sponge will become dirty.


Many people use Before & After pictures. After receiving the package, I immediately took a photo of the calf at that time. After that, I used the flat head under 50Hz vibration to massage the calf muscles every day for 10-20 minutes on each side. There was no change in diet, except for normal walking. Based on no special exercise and taking pictures on the eighth day as a reference. The following are the changes in the calf within eight days (no filter, no p.s.).

Calf standing upright:👇

When the calf muscles are exerted👇

When the calf muscles relaxed:👇

Although the calf muscles are not sharply slimmer, it can still be seen that it is much slimmer than the previous, especially the muscles of the Achilles tendon (my focus part). It should be noted that this is only an effect for eight days. If you persevere to relax and relax while watching a drama before going to bed every day, it may be more obvious in half a year or a year!

Comparison of other brands

Friends who have studied the massage gun must know that apart from OPOVE, there are two popular models of the massage gun: Hypervolt Plus and TimTam Power Massager Pro. But why choose OPOVE M3 Pro instead of the other two? Let me give you a brief analysis of six aspects.

Price (Hypervolt>Timtam>Opove)

OPOVE has an absolute price advantage compared to the other two brands. At present, the official websites of the three major brands are engaged in activities. After a 15% off discount, the price of OPOVE has dropped from $199 to $169.15 (the code marked on the official website can only be 10%, but I tried the OPOVE15 code and found that it has a 15% discount. Yes, but the time when the specific code expires is not known). The original price of Hypervolt Plus is 399, after the $50 off, it will be sold for a high price of $349. Not to mention TIMTAM POWER MASSAGER PRO, the original price is $499, and the official website also sells at $399 after the $100 off. The prices of Hypervolt and Timtam are twice that of OPOVE.

Score (Opove>Hypervolt>Timtam)

According to the data on Amazon, OPOVE M3 Pro has a score of 4.8/5. For Timtam (3.2/5) and Hypervolt (4.1/5), the score of 4.8 is a bit unmatched.

Accessory Heads (Hypervolt>Opove>Timtam)

Timtam is equipped with three different sizes of ball heads, and Hypervolt's massage heads are similar to OPOVE's, except that my favorite flat massage head is replaced with a cushion massage head. (Hypervolt official website has five heads kit, including the four of OPOVE and cushion head)

Voice Volume (Hypervolt>Opove>Timtam)

The problem of massage guns criticized by people is that they are loud. The existing massage guns generally have a sound ranging from 50-80dB. The lowest noise on the market is Timtam, which is between 10-25dB. Next is OPOVE, the lowest noise is 35dB, and the highest is 54dB. The noise level of Hypervolt is 50-60dB. The 50dB reference picture below is lighter than the daily conversation. When I use OPOVE, I usually turn it on to level 2 (50Hz), and the noise is about 45dB. Your drama will not be disturbed by the sound of the device at all, so OPOVE is noisy, and the performance is very good.

The picture is from @Residential Acoustics; the copyright belongs to the original author.

Speed (Opove=Hypervolt>Timtam)

All three massage guns have three levels of vibration that can be adjusted. The highest vibration frequency of Hypervolt and OPOVE is 3200 RPM/Min, while Timtam is slower and can only reach 2800 RPM/Min.

Weight (Hypervolt>Opove>Timtam)

Overall, each brand has its advantages and disadvantages, but OPOVE M3 Pro has achieved the same effect as the other two brands at half the price. It can be called the king of cost performance. Of course, it cannot be denied that Timtam's temperature sensing function is attractive for professional fitness enthusiasts or athletes. Still, in general, OPOVE is completely sufficient for fitness enthusiasts like me.

Comparison of other brands

Many friends may have the question: I already have a foam shaft, should I spend money to buy a massage gun? I hesitated because of the price before I used the massage gun, but after using it, I think OPOVE massage gun is really good for the money. Here are the reasons:

* When I use the foam roller, I have to sit on a hard ground; otherwise, the foam roller will not roll up at all. But the massage gun has very low requirements for the location and can be basically used everywhere.

* Those who have rolled over the foam roller must know that the foam roller is easy to roll to other places accidentally. It is often necessary to stop and reposition the foam roller in the halfway of relaxation. Some muscles will not be massaged. However, according to different massage heads, the massage gun can easily relax all the parts that you want to massage, and it saves a lot of time.

* When using the foam roller, it needs to rely on your strength, such as pressing with the hand or pressing the muscles with the body weight. Not only do the muscles not feel relaxed, but it also makes the muscles of the arms and shoulders more tense. Sometimes when excessive force is used, bruises even appear on the legs. But you can freely switch the intensity of the massage gun. It makes you relaxed, and you will not be bruised.

In Summary

OPOVE M3 Pro, as a cost-effective fighter among massage guns, it can solve the problem of muscle soreness of fitness enthusiasts; help girls to relax leg muscles, relax the shoulders and necks of office workers who have been sitting in the office all day, relieve the pain of the lumbar and cervical spine for many years. A small massage gun can maximize the quality of life for a person or even a family. As a gift to a friend, it will be satisfying. Everyone should hurry up while there are discounts, buy one for yourself, relatives or friends!

Article Source: https://www.dealmoon.com/guide/945425

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