Summer workout with Opove - Video Sharing Contest

by Shopify API


Summer day is the best time to work out and build a perfect shape. Thank you for your support of Opove all the time. In order to motivate more people to work out in summer and use the massage gun to relax their bodies, we are holding a contest of video sharing. Below are the prizes and rules.



First Prize: GoPro HERO7 Silver 4K Waterproof Action Camera

Note: Your video needs to have at least 1,000 views
Amount for this prize: 2


Second Prize: Napelex Neck Massager

Note: Your video needs to have at least 500 views
Amount for this prize: 5


Third Prize: Muscle Stimulators

Note: Your video needs to have at least 200 views
Amount for this prize: 5

How to participate in?

1. First, join our Facebook group - Opove massage gun group; the link is directly below:

2. Share your summer workout story by a video regarding the M3 Pro on Youtube.
* Your video post should have the keyword "Opove massage gun" in title and hashtag #summerworkoutwithopove #massagegun in description;
If you don't have a M3 Pro? Buy now form now!

3. Send the link of your Youtube post to FB "Opove massage gun group" and @Opove;

4. Winners will be selected by the "views" of the video when event ends on 9am 31st August (GMT-5 time).
If there are several videos have the same views, the earlier posted ones have the priority to win.

5. Winners will be announced on September 3rd on the Opove Facebook page. And gifts will be sent within one month after the event ended.

1. By submitting your work, you grant permission for your work to be used by Opove for commercial uses. We reserve the right to make changes;
2. Opove reserves the right to final explanation.

Contact if you have any question. Subscribe from the page bottom or Join our group to get the latest events!