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Unified Values Make OPOVE Move Faster And Futher

Keep innovating and inventing

Focus on one direction point, achieve the ultimate, and in the process continue to innovate and invent to find the best solution.

Long-term thinking

Leaders take ownership, take a long-term view, and do not sacrifice long-term value for short-term gain. Not for the benefit of the team, but at the expense of the company's interests.

Learn and be curious

Continue to learn and improve ourselves, and improve the comprehensiveness of seeing things. Be curious about new things, new perspectives, and explore them.

Build trust and reliability

Internal information is clear and transparent, building trust with internal colleagues. Be honest with suppliers and beresponsible for users.

Privacy and compatible

Health data is personal, and we are committed to providing users with maximum security. While ensuring information security, it can be compatible with various devices.

Social responsibility

Provide jobs; protect the rights and interests of employees without discrimination; be enthusiastic about public welfare; pay attention to environmental protection; oppose corruption.