OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun
OPOVE Apex Massage Gun

OPOVE Apex Massage Gun

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1、Designed for Fitness

2、Special Design Edition

· Designer:Antoine Beyne 

3、Key Features

· Reimagine Your Wellness Routine

· Unbelievably Quiet And Long-Lasting

· Ergonomic Excellence

· High-precision Structure

· 3-Speeds for your needs

· Easy to carry

 4、Material and Packaging

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Compact | Quiet | Powerful

Reimagine Your Daily Wellness Routine




Stall Force


Max Speed

Unbelievably Quiet And Long-Lasting


Whisper Quiet


Battery Life

Ergonomic Excellence

2.27 lbs

Light Weight

Comfortable Design

Easy to use

Optimize Your Body with Opove Apex

High-precision Structure

The high-precision structure will not deviate from the pressure point during a massage, making the massage more comfortable and efficient.

Quiet and Powerful

Opove motor delivers deep muscle treatment within a slim frame—and hardly any sound.

Easy to carry

Take it with you. At work or working from home, at the gym, or trailside on your run, Opove helps you move better and do more.

3-Speeds for your needs

For accelerated warm-up. Reducing muscle soreness and stiffness. Enhancing muscle performance. Different modes deliver what your body needs.

Streamline Frosted Appearance

OPOVE Apex’s full coverage frosted design brings a luxury and future sense. The anti-slip silicone handle provides a safe and comfortable massage experience.

Easy-to-clean attachments

OPOVE Apex’s functional full-frosted design has a luxurious and futuristic feel. The anti-slip silicone handle enables you to enjoy a safe and comfortable massage experience.

Easy One-button Design

The one-button design helps you cycle through all three speeds without raising a finger.

Premium Motor

A quiet and powerful brushless motor delivers a stable, durable, and efficient stimulation for your muscles. 

Visible Motor

The exquisite see-through design reveals not only the OPOVE Powerful Brushless High-Torque Motor, but it also brings a higher interaction with our users.

Tailored for Your Body

Neck, Spine, and Achilles

Deep Muscle Tissue and Precision Massage

Major Muscle Groups

Sensitive for Neck, Joints and Bones

Opove APEX

What’s Included

  • OPOVE APEX The actual device
  • Protective Carrying Case Stay organized
  • 6 Massage Heads The right heads for all your needs
  • Battery Charger To keep your device charged nomatter where you are
  • Product Manual Get started easily

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Zach h
Terrible product

Used ten times. Completely stopped working for no reason. Fully charged and won't turn on no matter how long it charges.

Worked great but for $200 I should have been able to use this more than ten times before it stopped working completely.

Fully charged, switched to on, press the button nothing happens. Defective.

Replacement works

I'm glad to report that Opove replaced my non-functional product and sent me a prepaid label to return the first one. While they didn't have the original color I had ordered, and the replacement seems like it might be a refurbished unit or something due to some scratches and cosmetic damage, at least it works properly! I appreciate the customer support, even if it wasn't a perfect swap out. Can't seem to edit the first review, and -1 star on this one due to need to return in the first place and cosmetic issues with the replacement.

Shannon Wilson
Extremely disappointed, it won’t turn on. Please make it right.

Purchased the Opove Apex from Amazon for my husband for Christmas on Amazon Prime Day. Unfortunately the device won't even turn on. The only thing it does is light up the 3 blue lights on the handle grip when plugged in. We've attempted with the on/off switch in both positions and after charging for several hours. Extremely sad and disappointed after paying close to $150 for this product that it won't even turn on, and waiting for Opove to make it right. Hoping I'll be able to update this review once Opove makes it right.

Piece of trash

Nice while it works. But after a little over a year, now that it’s out of warranty, it just stops working completely. There is obviously something wrong with the manufacturing as I have seen several complaints about this just stopping.

Kumar Avala

OPOVE Apex Massage Gun